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The team at NextGen Systems Group brings together a broad range of experience and depth with hundreds of combined years of planning, design and construction knowledge in Canada and abroad. We specialize in special systems and equipment used in complex facilities, ranging from airports to hospitals, and data centres to commercial headquarters.

The team has worked in every major airport in Canada, and in almost all of the small- to medium-sized facilities. We have worked with Canadian and international government agencies on many very successful projects.

We are able to satisfy our clients’ preferences for knowledgeable people with a solid history of performing and who understand the risk of projects to the live operation.

Our team members are well known in the industry and are valued as trusted partners.

NextGen Systems Group ensures truly comprehensive solutions are offered to our clients by applying our unique understanding of IT and security systems, as well as specialty airport systems (passenger-boarding bridges and baggage-handling systems), challenges in airport operations and maintenance, CATSA, ICAO, IATA, TSA  (Transportation Security Administration), USCBP, and CBSA requirements.

In addition to our experience related to building green-field facilities and upgrading existing facilities, we have  extensive experience with all delivery models, including conventional design/tender/construct, design-build, DBFO and PPP (P3).

Our Aviation Team

Brian Derich

Brian Derich 

Senior Project Director and Principal

T: +1.647.948.5402  ext. 100

Brian has been in the airport industry since 1995, when he began working in airport systems maintenance at Toronto International Airport, where he advanced to Manager prior to moving to aviation consulting. As an integral part of the CATSA EDS Deployment Project since 2002, he participated in the formulation of the CATSA guidelines and testing documents for hold baggage screening and baggage handling system (BHS) projects. Brian’s BHS,  passenger-boarding-bridge and gate-equipment experience is far reaching, from gate design and installation to operating and maintaining the equipment. His years spent in the maintenance department give him a unique insight into the impact that designs have on airport operations, specifically, the effect the new equipment has once it is turned over to the operations and maintenance teams.

Dan Butler

Dan Butler, P.Eng.

Senior Advisor

T: +1.647.948.5402 ext.  101

Dan has been consulting on security and IT since 1987, when he was part of Canada’s first private airport-facility development: Terminal 3 in Toronto. He has extensive specialization in security and information-technology systems design, project management and procurement for complex facilities. His expertise extends through the aviation and healthcare sectors, as well as commercial buildings, data centres, and transportation, financial and government clients. In addition to his impressive security and IT experience, Dan also has experience with the design, development and testing of baggage-handling systems. He also led the technical team on the deployment of equipment for passenger screening and EDS at 89 airports across Canada for CATSA.

Currie Gardner

Currie Gardner, P.Eng.

Project Manager

T: +1.647.948.5402  ext. 104

Currie Gardner is a Professional Electrical Engineer with more than 40 years of hands-on experience in control systems, software and instrumentation. Currie has significant experience with airport BHS projects, ranging from small to multi-million-dollar. His experience includes project management, technical leadership, system-design concepts, estimating, specifications, contract administration, commissioning, start-up, trials and training. Currie has worked on airport BHS and security EDS in Canada and the US, and he is very familiar with the CATSA and TSA standards.

Oliver Agliam

Oliver Agliam

Project Manager

T: +1.647.948.5402  ext. 102

Oliver has been in the airport industry since 2004 and has extensive experience in baggage-handling system design, implementation, installation, testing and commissioning. Oliver’s experience related to hold-baggage screening includes working with TSA and CATSA. Oliver has experience working all over the world on airport projects related to BHS, controls, IBMS, CCTV, PA and fire-alarm systems.  His unique expertise comes from his early years in the industry working with a BHS and building-automation contractor, where he managed projects at large international airports. Oliver has assisted in many PBB projects as well.

Significant Accomplishments of Our People
  • Assisted CATSA with developing policies and writing the original CATSA guidelines
  • First certified 5-level hold-baggage-screening system (HBS) in Canada
  • First live 5-level HBS in Canada
  • First common HBS for domestic, international and transborder
  • First 3/5-level inline hybrid system
  • First certified inline 3-level HBS, including a tray system and high-speed X-rays, in Canada
  • First IBM self-service bag drop installed and fully integrated in Canada
  • First fully automated baggage image-and weight-information system (BIWIS)
  • Invented the BIWIS acronym!
  • Participated in the development of a significantly advanced BIWIS
  • First common-use converged-network solution for integrated Airport Information Management System (AIMS)
  • First inline fully automated hold-baggage screening for radiation (HBS-RAD)
  • Invented the HBS-RAD acronym!
  • The first and only inline HBS of the initial HBS deployment to programmatically stop bags in the tracking zone—the smallest in-line system footprint for an inline system solution for space-constrained airport facilities
  • First terminal-wide common-use check-in and passenger-processing system in Canada
  • Needs analysis, design development, and project management for an integrated access-control system for a building inventory of 200 high-rise and low-rise residential apartment buildings