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 NEWS RELEASE – Launch of NextGen Systems Group

Today we are proud to launch NextGen Systems Group.  NextGen Systems Group is a technical-systems consulting firm that specializes in planning, design, contract administration and construction-phase services for special systems. Our unique team of experts serves airports, governments and private clients throughout Canada and abroad.

We offer a unique blend of technical-consultancy expertise and extensive experience in operations and maintenance.  Our unique combination give us insights that make projects work for those it was built for, not for those building it.

In addition to our core team, NextGen has access to a broad range of industry experts and associates who expand our scope of practice to include simulation, site laser scanning and revit design. We have experience deploying systems and solutions in a variety of facilities: our clients are typically airports, major hotel chains, police, federal agencies, embassies and consulates.

Our team is excited to get to work and we invite you connect with our team members on LinkedIn, or send us an email:


Brian Derich, Principal

NextGen Systems Group

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