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Our Healthcare Team

Dan Butler

Dan Butler, P.Eng.

ICAT & Security Specialist

Dan Butler brings over 35 years of experience in design of security, technology systems, project management and procurement. He possesses extensive specialization in the healthcare sector, as well as other complex project settings including airports, commercial facilities, data centres and high security facilities.

Dan is a unique engineering resource whose expertise in complex, industry-leading technology and security projects has translated into innovative solutions in the alternate-financing (AFP) delivery of projects. Working for both national and international clients, Dan has delivered state-of-the art security and information communication, automation, and technology (ICAT) solutions. Employing leading-edge Internet-protocol (IP) technology, to deliver IP-based, converged-network solutions for CCTV, access control, VoIP telephony, and wireless and Wi-Fi systems that are critical to the successful operation of modern connected buildings. This expertise extends from traditional infrastructure design of information-technology (ICAT) solutions and security systems through the design of active network components.

He is uniquely positioned to assist healthcare organizations in managing the technical and cultural challenges associated with sustaining existing operations and IT projects, while transitioning into modernized physical spaces with state-of-the-art networks hosting a full suite of integrated systems.

Gwyneth Cheeseman

Gwyneth Cheeseman

Clinical Healthcare Specialist

Gwyneth Cheeseman is a Registered Nurse with over 34 years of experience in an acute hospital setting. A certified Project Management Professional, Gwyneth has been a key contributor to the successful completion of three new hospital-build projects. She brings a high level of expertise in several clinical applications including Meditech, Nurse Call, Real-time Locating Systems and the integration of various hospital applications. Gwyneth works to actively promote and support utilization, integration and optimization plans for clinical applications. She utilizes her critical thinking, data analysis and problem solving skills to provide quality service to her clients. Gwyneth works with programming teams, functional leads, project managers and other stake-holders to identify, develop and implement project solutions, while promoting best-practice guidelines. Throughout her 34 year career, Gwyneth has managed to establish and maintain strong internal and external customer relationships.

Vert Rayner

Vert Rayner

Healthcare Technology Specialist

Vert combines 30 years of experience managing IT operations in a large multi-hospital setting with expertise in the design and implementation of ICAT systems for new hospitals.

Using his broad practical knowledge in planning, procuring, implementing and supporting hospital information systems as they have evolved from financial and administrative applications into complex electronic medical record and clinical decision support systems, he has worked with consulting engineers to design high- availability, medical-grade ICAT infrastructure and systems for several new hospitals in Ontario.

His participation with builder consortia during construction to ensure design compliance and timely project delivery led to his development of a structured methodology for commissioning smart-hospital systems.